Hot Buns Hair

There’s no shortage of hair accessories on the market and most are offering to keep customers’ hair out of their faces quicker and more stylishly than the competition. Hot Buns are such a product and, as the name so boldly suggests, it promises to enhance and accelerate the process of wrapping hair into a bun. A lightweight, springy core grips the hair at its length, rolled inward and curled into a donut shape, creating buns of a variety of sizes and densities. An elastic securing mechanism then locks the bun in place for confident freedom of movement.

Types of Hair Buns Achievable

  1. MINI: The “Mini” size is for shorter hair and/or smaller buns. It produces smaller, tighter curls when the Hot Bun is removed.
  2. MEDIUM: The “Medium” is for office or more formal looks which leave larger, bouncier curls.
  3. LARGE: The“Large” creates a big, bold bun and creates waves rather than curls once the accessory is removed.

Hot Buns Hair allows you to make a perfect hair bun in seconds!

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Hot Buns Tutorial
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Instrctions Guide – (How to Use)

Hot Buns describes its process quite accurately as “roll, snap and wrap”:

It’s not strictly necessary, but better results can often be achieved by starting with a good brushing.

STEP 1: Gather the hair, centering it around the area where the bun should eventually rest.
STEP 2: Grip the hair at its length within the opening of the stalk and roll inward.
STEP 3: Bend the stalk into a circle and secure with the elastic.

You can adjust the tightness of the roll for varying degrees of “messiness” and looser curls.

To remove Hot Buns undo the elastic, unroll the stalk and shake out the curls.

How it Works

Hot Buns Hair are a combination of the technologies employed by other hair accessory products in that a pliable internal skeleton is wrapped in cottony material. The internal body of the stalk holds its position whether straight or rounded and also allows it to grip the end tip of the hair being gathered, leaving both hands free to roll and set the bun.

The elastic securing mechanism serves to hold the bun securely against the rounded stalk which gives the bun its shape.

The curls are a natural side-effect of holding hair in a uniform bun for an extended period of time.

Compared to Other Hair Accessories

The chief distinction between Hot Buns and almost every other hair accessory is specialization. Hot Buns doesn’t claim to be versatile or to work for absolutely everyone. It’s for wrapping hair into buns and, as a happy side-effect, creating curls of varying densities. However; within this niche, Hot Buns offers a degree of variety with the three sizes and their respective results in terms of the size of the buns and curls that they produce.

Hot Buns are competitively priced compared to similar products, in that they are much lower priced for a higher quality product.

Compare to Using No Accessories

Hot Buns are simple to use and will make a recurring addition to the repertoire of anyone with long or even medium-length hair but it’s not going to replace elastics or barrettes. On the other hand the curls created by Hot Buns are created without heat, hassle or harm to hair which certainly gives it a strong argument against curling irons and curlers.

The Hot Buns stalks are small and easily carried in a purse next to as many barrettes, clips and bows as needed to be prepared for any sudden desire for a different look.

What’s to Like About Hot Buns

  1. At $10 it’s well among the less expensive hair accessories on the market (although see below for a qualification of this).
  2. It can be comfortably worn to bed. The pliable material allows air to pass freely and the malleable stalk won’t pull or pinch.
  3. The longer it’s worn, the more durable the resulting curls and, as mentioned, it can be worn while sleeping and taken out in the morning, resulting in all-day, no heat curls.
  4. The elastic fastener means that a bun lasts for as long as desired but also comes out quickly and easily.

Negative Points

  1. Obviously Hot Buns aren’t going to do a lot for short-haired girls but of course this is true of most hair accessories.
  2. Hot Buns come in two shades, light and dark. This is probably sufficient for most hair colors but the stalk may show through gray or tinted hair.
  3. A free second set of Hot Buns is currently offered but it’s not optional. It’s not possible to refuse the second set and shipping and handling needs to be paid for both. Also the second set must be the same color as the first, limiting the ability to share the offer.

How Much Does it Cost?

Ordered online, Hot Buns are $10 per set plus $7.95 for postage and handling.

Currently Hot Buns are offered with a second set of the same color for free.

This includes a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the product simply send it back for a refund of the purchase price.

Include in the Purchase

There are three Hot Buns stalks, one of each size; Mini, Medium and “Big Fatty”; in either light or dark.

Currently you’ll also receive a second set of Hot Buns of the same color tone for free.

All orders are also delivered with a style guide booklet which explains the basic steps in detail as well as some helpful tips and styling variations.

Where to Buy

Hot Buns aren’t available in stores and can only be ordered online. Ordering is easy and you select your preferred color at the same time. Delivery is may take between two and six weeks depending on your location.